Tankless Water Heater Replacement Cary Nc

We received a call from a customer that didn’t have any hot water. Upon arriving on the job site it wasn’t that hard to see without even examining the tankless that it was installed wrong. Indoor rianni tankless water heater was installed outside, no permits were pulled and I can go on and on


cary tankless, cary tankless water heater

improper installation



tankless cary, tankless water heater cary

Tankless water heater in Cary-replacement by Bizzy Bee Plumbing

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Tankless Water Heater Bad Installation Raleigh

Tankless water heater often start flashing error codes. Each error code means something. Most common error code is that tankless is due for service. something fails, and homeowner doesn’t know that they need to service their tankless water heater unit every 2-4 years. Maintenance is required for every tankless water heater. Another failing tankless unit is because the tankless has never been sized or it has been installed incorrectly. Pictures show before and after repair of a tankless unit.

tankless water heater repair

AFTER tankless water heater repair

tankless repair raleigh

BEFORE tankless repair raleigh

broken heat exchanger

broken heat exchanger

heat exchanger not serviced properly so it overheat

heat exchanger not serviced properly so it overheat